FlorAS is an association of flower and garden centre producers recognised by the Regione Liguria according to EEC Reg. 1360 of 19 June 1978 and by Regional Law No. 23 of 10 June 1983.
FlorAS has been active since 1988 and it is formed by over 300 agricultural Enterprises, specialised in flower and plant growing operating in the Province of Savona, particularly in the Albenga area, with a large range of products of high qualitative standard.
The activity of FlorAS consists of different and co-ordinated initiatives primarily in the interest of the associated Enterprises, but also for the general benefit of the entire productive sector:
  • promotional activities for the exploitation of products;
  • management of public relations and protection of the interests of the associated Enterprises;
  • technical professional updating;
  • processing of studies and sector planning;
  • promotion and fostering of technological applications;
  • diffusion of information useful in business management and for trends of production.

    Producers association recognised according to EEC Reg. 1360 of 19 June 1978 and regional law No. 23 of 10 June 1983.

    Registered office :
    Via Dalmazia 169 - 17031 ALBENGA (SV)
    Tel 0182.51273 - 544445 Fax 0182.558007